Metastasio’s recitative as «poesia per musica». A chronological and comparative study of settings of the same libretti

Marco Scorsolini

07.02.2023 – 06.02.2026

This research project aims to map chronologically the close relationship between the libretto and its musical rendition by examining the many settings of the same poetic text over the course of the XVIII century. By tracing subtle changes on both the micro (fixed stresses, metric changes, melodic movements, etc.) and macro (rhetorical structures, syntax, periods, etc.) levels, it would be possible to propose a diachrony of recitative.


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    07.02.2023 – 06.02.2026

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    Universität Basel, Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar


    Prof. Dr. Hanna Verena Walsdorf

    Prof. Dr. Martin Kirnbauer

    Prof. Dr. Johannes Menke