Research project


The Lute in the German-Speaking Area 1450–1550

01.03.2023 – 28.02.2026

E-LAUTE: E-Linked Annotated Unified Tablature Editions

The entire stock of German lute tablatures, totalling over 2,000 pages, has not yet been made accessible. E-LAUTE is developing a new form of music edition with an "open knowledge platform"

In order to create a comprehensive modern edition, computer technology (encoding, linking, recognition/OMR and automatic transcription) is synchronised with manual music transcription and knowledge of musical performance practice. Recordings of the edited lute music are a conceptual component of the edition. All components are provided with music-historical and performance-practical information and linked. The edition is permanently hosted by the Austrian National Library and integrated into RISM. An annotation tool will allow users to post comments, observations and interpretations. The project will also create the first hybrid edition in the series Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich.

In addition to the edition, the project is working on five pilot studies that cover current gaps in research and practice of music before 1600: "Variance and Retextualisation in the Music and Texts of Love Songs" (I); "On the Origin of German Lute Tablature" (II); "Lute Tablature as a Reflective Image of Sixteenth-Century Culture" (III); "Dialogues on Music" (interactive annotations) (IV) and "Hybrid Editions" (V).

In Basel, in addition to assisting with the edition and musical realisation, the pilot study II "On the Origin of German Lute Tablature" is also being worked on, here with the participation of Silas Bischoff, MA.